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‘Number 10′ update

  • Click here on the Audio clips page to download Episode 4 of the BBC Radio 4 series Number 10. To listen to the episode online visit the BBC Radio 4 site.

    Here’s a summary of Episode 5:

    Written by Jonathan Myerson. On an estate walkabout, Amjad gets into an argument with a doorstep lender and punches him. The papers have a field day. But Amjad insists he was in the right. Will he apologise?

    Meanwhile the Lib Dem alliance partners want state funding for political parties but can’t get Labour to agree. And the Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems has made a speech in the House blaming Simon for the suicide of an asylum seeker…..

    Meanwhile there is a local press flurry about cars driving past a woman knocked down in the road – one of the negligent drivers turns out to be Alan, the PMs partner. This, in the week when Alan and Simon are putting the finishing touches to their civil partnership plans.

    With the Alliance threatening to fall apart Nathan will stop at nothing to get Plaid Cymru and the Greens on their side.