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New Project?

According to an interview with British actor David Leon in The Guardian, Damian will play the lead in the Leon’s first feature film, Driven:

Since then, he has made two short films; one of them, Man and Boy, about the death of a suspected paedophile, was a selection of the Tribeca film festival in New York last week. This year he hopes to direct his first feature film, Driven, a crime thriller set in Newcastle in the late 80s; Damian Lewis, star of the Forsyte Saga, is confirmed as the lead. Despite this, Leon insists he doesn’t harbour Hollywood ambitions. “All I’ve ever wanted to do is challenging projects,” he says. “If that takes me to America, fantastic, but I don’t think I’d ever really want to leave England on a permanent basis. This is where my roots are. What I’m really drawn to is, not arthouse necessarily, but the more independent, European-feeling films.” See? He would have made a terrible professional footballer.