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New interview, ‘Stolen’ broadcast date, ComicCon panel

  • New interview on the website:

    What research did you do into trafficking for this role?

    I went to a police trafficking unit and spoke to the man who set it up. Trafficking goes on all around us. There are people being trafficked in and out of the country at an alarming rate and it’s difficult to bring prosecutions because they often come in with valid passports. After they arrive they’re smuggled off into the shadows and face exploitation.

    Was it disappointing when your US police series Life was cancelled?

    Yes. The work was terrific and the creator of the show is incredibly talented. I had a wonderful character and the storylines were interesting. It was fun living in LA for a couple of years but you work very hard and very long hours. I was starting a family and was away from them a lot. Goodness knows how people do it for seven years in those long shows. Cable shows are different because they have shorter runs so you have five months of the year to do other things.

    Why did you want to become an actor?

    Acting was something I instinctively did and liked. I was happier acting than doing anything else. I was disenchanted by the idea of university and decided to try for drama school. I came out of drama school, got work, kept working and I’ve been incredibly lucky since.

    Was there a particular performance that inspired your interest in acting?

    I put on a production of The Long And The Short And The Tall with some friends at school and played Wackford Squeers in a production of Nicholas Nickleby. My dad used to take us to see West End musicals as holiday treats – things like Guys And Dolls. I loved the theatre as a kid and still do.

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  • According to online tv guides, Stolen will broadcast July 3rd from 9:00pm – 10:30pm on BBC1!

  • Showtime will have a panel at this years Comic-Con (July 21) and debut an “exclusive first-look” at Homeland. Morena Baccarin will introduce the trailer. No Damian apparently. Source