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‘Homeland’ offers new take on terrorism

A few quotes from the Homeland panel at the San Diego Comic Con:

Howard Gordon, executive producer of 24, will be looking at terrorism from a different angle in his new series, Showtime’s Homeland.

“24 was very much wish fulfillment, good guys and bad guys,” said Gordon, appearing before Comic-Con fans Thursday evening with one of the show’s stars, Morena Baccarin (who played Anna on on ABc’s axed V reboot).

Homeland, developed from an Israeli format and premiering Oct. 2, will move into more of the gray areas.

“Who’s the hero? Who’s the traitor? Who’s the soldier? Who’s the terrorist?” Gordon said.

In Homeland, a CIA agent, played by Claire Danes, believes a returning American prisoner of war (Damien Lewis from Band of Brothers and Life), now being treated as a hero, may have been turned against the U.S. by terrorists and made part of an attack plot.

“It’s about perceptions and how people watch people,” Gordon said.

Source: USA Today