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Fan Report on ‘Homeland’ filming

A Damian fan living in Charlotte was lucky enough to watch Damian film scenes from the series finale of Homeland when the show filmed right next to her workplace last Wednesday. Here’s what she posted at the Yahoo! Group (no spoilers, just fangirling):

Fabulous day! I kept sneaking down to another department cause they ended up
using our building as a police station, and I have been watching take after take
of the same shot for most of the afternoon. I have not been this over the moon
since seeing Jason Robards in a grocery store when I first moved to Charlotte.
My colleagues joined me. I think I know how it is going to end, but I am not
going to spoil it for the show. I get off work at 6:00, and if they are still
filming, I will see if I can make a move. Earlier he was really talking to
someone. Then when I walked back I had a bit of an opportunity, but I’ve never
been the OMG, it’s really you, and I am definitely not the autograph – let me
take my picture with you type.

Little work done, but a wonderful day. I feel like saying. I know what’s going
to happen, nanny, nanny, boo-boo.

Oh, the intensity Damian brings to the scene is fabulous to watch. Would love to
see him in a play. He did it little differently in each take, but each time
there are subtle nuances. The one thing that was a little off-putting – between
takes he wolfed down Fuel Pizza, which is not that good, then go and do the
scene with Claire Danes. They are standing face to face no more than six inches

Scrumptious day!

Okay, this next bit is a little spoilerish. When asked if she thought Damian would return for Season 2 based on what she saw filmed, she responded:

Scuttlebutt I heard about another shoot and based on what I saw and learned
yesterday, I think it is safe to say Damian will be back for another year.

Thanks to Ann for the report and picture!