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Possible Project: ‘The Quiet Ones’?

Bloody Disgusting is hearing that Michael Sheen (Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, Underworld: Rise

of the Lycans) has been offered the lead role in Exclusive Media’s The Quiet Ones, Hammer Films’ next project

following up on the boxoffice success of The Woman in Black. In a quick update, we’ve also heard Damien Lewis

(Dreamcatcher) has also been offered a role, but we’re unsure if it’s for the same role.

We also exclusively reported back in November that John Pogue – who made his directorial debut on Sony’s direct-

to-disc Quarantine 2: Terminal – is set to direct from his own screenplay.

The film is based on a supposedly true story about a team of Cambridge academics in the 1970’s who record their

investigation as they attempt to exorcise a poltergeist from a young girl.

Shooting to take place later this year in UK. We’ll update you one whether or not Sheen accepts the role. Nicolas

Cage was originally offered the lead…


According the Variety, the film is scheduled begin

filming in May – which happens to be the same time season 2 of Homeland begins filming – still it’s something to keep

an eye on.

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