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New extract from ‘Diamonds Are Forever’

Only a few more days are left to pre-order ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ read by Damian Lewis or any of the new 007 Reloaded audio books for a chance to win hardback novel of the same story, signed by the star reader. For more info, visit AudioGo’s page here.

You haven’t really encountered James Bond until you’ve experienced the original Ian Fleming novels. So what to make of these new recordings (available at AudioGo from 6 September) of the classic stories, as read by a starry array of British acting talent? We put 007 Reloaded in our sights….

4) Diamonds are Forever (read by Damian Lewis)

“Any man of my generation probably has had a fantasy at one time or other about being James Bond,” Damian Lewis admits. “All the girls fantasise about being with him and all the men fantasise about being him.” And it’s evident that Lewis has had a lot of fun inhabiting the world of Bond here, despite this being one of Fleming’s more lukewarm outings. The American hoods that are pitted against our hero just don’t have the pizzazz of, say, Blofeld or Rosa Klebb, although hitmen Wint and Kidd do have an eccentric charm of their own.

Listen to Damian Lewis reading from Diamonds are Forever here:

Source: Radio Times