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Damian Visits Newcastle University Library to Research New Role – Jan 16, 2014

Researching Charles Doughty-Wylie for Queen of the Desert

by Kerry Wood | Chronicle Live | January 16, 2014

Source: Chronicle Live – Damian with Geraldine Hunwick

It was a far cry from the set of smash hit drama Homeland for actor Damian Lewis when he popped into a Tyneside library. The English actor, known to millions of viewers as Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, visited the city this week to delve into Newcastle University’s Robinson Library archives on Washington-born explorer Gertrude Bell.

Having previously starred in Band of Brothers, since 2011 he’s been playing Brody, a turned prisoner-of-war in the American hit show.

Seen here with library archivist Geraldine Hunwick, the actor was researching his new role as Charles Doughty-Wylie in the new film Queen of the Desert.

Based on the life of explorer Gertrude Bell the film will star actress Nicole Kidman in the leading role with Twilight star Robert Pattinson in the cast.

University librarian Wayne Connolly said: “The character he plays in the new film was considered the love of Gertrude Bell’s life.

“Charles Doughty-Wylie was married and they had an unconsummated affair but it’s believed he is the reason Gertrude Bell never wed.

“Damian was extremely interested in our archive as it contains correspondence between them and was able to give him a unique perspective on their relationship.”

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