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Cleo at The New Yorker Festival, Fan Fun with Damian Lewis, October 7, 2015

Cleo at New Yorker Festival 2015

by JaniaJania
October 7, 2015

After the interview with Lauren Collins on Saturday, the second event for Damian Lewis at this weekend’s New Yorker Festival was a play reading of Lawrence Wright’s Cleo, with Damian Lewis playing the part of Richard Burton to Lily Rabe’s Elizabeth Taylor.

We’re all pretty familiar with “le scandale” that brewed behind the set of the filming of the most expensive production of its time, right? Lawrence Wright’s script gives us a story built around the events of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s combustible love affair during the filming of Hollywood blockbuster Cleopatra.

Damian Lewis, Lily Rabe
source: Hollywood Reporter

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