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Billions Season 1 Dining Guide: Eat Like a Billionaire Without Breaking the Bank – May 2, 2016

Billions Season 1 Dining Guide: Eat Like a Billionaire Without Breaking the Bank

by Damianista – Fan Fun With Damian Lewis – May 2, 2016

Source: Showtime

New York, in particular, has a fantastic dining scene. That is why NYC dining scene makes some memorable appearances in Billions, from some of its special occasion restaurants to yummy hole-in-the-walls, to cozy neighborhood joints, dining landmarks and take-out places. Here is our Billions dining guide and a thank you to the show for showcasing the dining capital of the world in the best way possible.  We describe each restaurant, provide picture of the scene as a refresher, a link to restaurant’s website, as well as its Yelp review when available. Bon Appetite!

Source: Showtime

Episode 1: The Pilot 

The one with our first meeting of Bobby:

Bruno’s pizza joint, Capparello’s was Axe’s go-to place when he was a kid and he is still a regular. Bruno seems to be a father figure to Axe. The secret? Pizza is made with San Marzano tomatoes!

Rosa’s Pizza: 7559 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, NY 11379 (Queens) Yelp Review

You know, pizza is serious business in New York and hats off to Damian for eating his NY slice so authentically!

“ya gotta fold it to keep the grease from dripping and envelope that cheesy goodness right into your gaping mouth, amiright or amiright?” – JaniaJania

Source: Showtime

Episode 2: Naming Rights

The one with Axe meeting Garth Sykes and Ken Malverne:

Hunt and Fish Club: Steak House

125 W 44th St, New York, NY

 Yelp Review



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