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Damian Lewis and Alison Mosshart Took a Cruise Around the Statue of Liberty…and more

Lady Liberty and Some Pips

by Gingersnap | | May 24, 2023

Photo Cred: Damian Lewis. Graphic art by Alison Mosshart

In true New York tourist-y fashion, Damian and Alison took “a slow cruise in a circle around a statue” on Wednesday, May 24, 2023…meaning the Statue of Liberty. Probably the Liberty Cruise around Manhattan. Downtime from the Writer’s Strike has paused filming Billions in New York City so as Damian put it, “what would you do with a day off?” They look like they are having so much fun! More photos like this, please 🙂 They also played a little backgammon at Bandits Diner and Dive, rode the subway and attended several art shows here and here. More photos in our Gallery here.

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The Biggest Shows Affected by the 2023 Writers Strike

From Billions to Severance: Some of Your Favorite Shows are Already Seeing Significant Delays Due to the WGA Strike

by Grant Rindner | GQ Magazine | May 12, 2023

The ongoing writers strike may seem, at first glance, like a much bigger deal to the writers affected than to the average TV watcher. The longer it goes on, however, the greater the chances that one of your favorite shows could be among those disrupted. That’s how a strike works, after all, meant to show that “business as usual” is impossible without the contributions of the striking workers. Some of television’s biggest shows have already been affected. Since the Writers Guild of America’s strike was officially authorized on May 2, with Severance, Stranger Things, and the latest Game of Thrones spinoff among the shows being halted or otherwise directly impacted.

Issues motivating the strike are complex, but hinge in part on the industry’s move into streaming, and writers’ ensuing demands for contracts that reflect the new television paradigm. As GQ has covered, streaming doesn’t provide the same continuing residuals that have represented a writer’s “gold ring” for decades. The last writers strike took place in 2007, a time before streaming became the dominant method of distribution, and the WGA is also working to get protections related to the nascent use of AI in television writing.

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Damian Lewis Spotted with Showrunners of Billions

Hanging with Coach Calipari

by Gingersnap | | April 26. 2023

Photo Credit: John Calipari Instagram

Damian has been all over the streets of New York this week, either with his guitar busking or with his girlfriend Alison Mosshart. But now it’s down to business as he reprises his role as Bobby Axelrod for season 7 of Billions. Damian is seen here with Billions showrunners David Levien and Brian Koppelman at the restaurant Rao’s in East Harlem, with what looks like script pages in hand for episode filming 😉 Damian is definitely sporting that “Axey” hair. Also pictured is Kentucky head men’s basketball coach John Calipari who took to Instagram today to share this photo with the caption “Bumped into my friends David Levien and Brian Koppelman today and they were hanging with Damian Lewis.” View more images in our Gallery here

We’re looking forward to seeing Axe back on our small screens soon!

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Damian Lewis Back in New York

Music and Billions

by Gingersnap | | April 7, 2023

Photo Cred: Damian Lewis 

Damian took to Instagram today to reveal he is back in New York by sharing a photo from the Williamsburg neighborhood, Brooklyn borough, before sharing a group photo of cast mates the next day. No doubt he’s in town filming Billions season 7, but not before having a coffee shop chat with a drummer and percussionist out of Brooklyn.

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The 25 Best Shows On Paramount+ & Showtime Right Now

Billions and Homeland

by Scott Beggs| UPROXX | April 7. 2023

Streaming is a hopscotch game of services where the show you love will probably jump off the platform you pay for before you get a chance to finish it. Such is the horror of modernity. On the bright side, it also means that combining the right streaming services can act like a cheat code for gaining access to a bunch of cool, diverse series.

One of those cheat codes is getting Paramount+ with the Showtime add-on, ensuring you get prestige programming alongside network TV faves. Here are the 25 best shows you can watch when you combine Paramount+ with Showtime, and Damian Lewis stars in two of them:

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Damian Lewis Returns to Billions as Bobby Axelrod

Fan Favorite: Axe is Back for Season 7

by Rosy Cordero | Deadline | February 27. 2023

Damian Lewis is bringing back Bobby Axelrod as he sets his return to the Showtime series Billions for Season 7. Lewis will appear in six of the 12 episodes when the show premieres later this year.

“Bobby’s back,” Lewis told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. “Axe is back, and it’s exciting. He’s not been around for a couple of seasons.” (We totally called it based on this circumstantial evidence here)

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Damian Lewis Was Guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

A Spy Among Friends and Billions

by Gingersnap | | February 27, 2023

Damian guest appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for S8, E81 on Monday, February 27, 2023 to promote the upcoming US release of his mini-series A Spy Among Friends available to stream on MGM+ beginning March 12. But Damian also made a HUGE announcement at the end of the segment. Let’s start at the beginning. Damian made his entrance as the band played Elvis “Suspicious Minds,” which is no coincidence if you know our Ginger! He waved and blew air kisses to the audience, took a bow before being seated and wore his lucky purple socks. When discussing A Spy Among Friends Damian asked, “Who doesn’t love a spy thriller?” Damian further explained he finds the total duplicity and ability to conceal simply fascinating, and a masterful skill. He spoke of working with the immaculate Guy Pearce who plays spy Kim Philby and how Philby is UK’s most infamous spy who betrayed his country to the Russians for 30 years.

Specifically, Damian explains how Nicholas Elliott (played by him) meets Philby in Beirut for an interrogation (and hopefully a confession) over four days. After Elliott’s superiors review the transcripts of the taped recordings of their meeting, they notice three minutes is missing when Elliott and Philby walk out on the balcony and no one knows what they really spoke about. All they do know is the next day, Philby escapes to Russia. Colbert played a clip of the scene between MI5 Agent Lily Thomas and Elliott upon Elliott’s return from Beirut. Damian jokingly claimed, “I only watch things I’m in.” Colbert asked Damian if he would make a good spy. Damian answered no and Colbert agreed he doesn’t think Damian would be a good spy because “a spy should be boring and you’re not, you’re too interesting.” Damian rubbed his heart in admiration and then Colbert quipped, “and a spy wouldn’t rub their own nipple in public.”

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Damian Lewis Guests on Bandwidth Conversations Podcast

Unmissable Episode

by Katie Brewer | Instagram: Bandwidth Conversations | January 9, 2023

Sit down and have a listen as Host Katie Brewer chats with Damian on her next Bandwidth Conversations podcast episode, where her “focus is to talk to musicians, actors and rock stars of life.” Among many things, Damian talks about how Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks chose him to play Major Dick Winters in Band of Brothers, how he was given the role of Nicholas Brody in Homeland, how he created his character of Bobby Axelrod in Billions and his latest role as an MI6 agent in a new miniseries A Spy Among Friends.

Hilarious, modest, honest – not only is Damian a star of the theatre and screen, he was an absolute star to talk to. We also talk about starting a music career, his upcoming album and his life from school through acting. An unmissable episode – out Tuesday, January 10, 2023. Listen here or anywhere you podcast (Spotify and Apple Podcasts), or click below.

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10 Actors Who Always Star In Good TV Shows

According to Reddit

by Phillip Etemesi | Screenrant | December 2, 2022

Though landing good roles is hard, some TV actors managed to do so consistently over long periods of time. And Redditors have appreciated them for it. These talented actors have been fortunate enough to have amazing streaks of awesome TV shows and performances over the past few decades. And their impressive resumes haven’t gone unnoticed. On Reddit, fans have named the individuals who can always be expected to be part of a magnificent TV project. Besides Damian Lewis, others who made the list were Timothy Olyphant and David Costabile, who coincidentally have both worked with Damian on the projects Dreamcatcher and Billions, respectively.

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