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Helen McCrory on Her Marriage to Damian Lewis – April 1, 2017

Helen McCrory on her marriage to Damian Lewis: ‘He’s never given me reason to be jealous’

 by 1 APRIL 2017

Source: Damian’s Twitter

Helen McCrory arrives hungry. We’re meeting  on a spring afternoon in  a pub around the corner from her north London home, and Helen hasn’t yet eaten. She’s got a couple of hours before  she has to pick up her children – Manon, 10, and Gulliver, nine – from school, and she fully intends to make the most of them.

‘Are you sure this is all right?’ she asks  as she orders the soup of the day. ‘I mean, really? OK, well, I think I’ll have the lamb as a main… I’ll come back for pudding.’

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