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Petra: The Family Dog – Feb 27, 2018

Cooking for the Dogs of Celebrities

by Alison Millington | Business Insider | February 26, 2018

Only the best for Damian’s dog! Butternut Box is a dog food company that makes super fresh meals by hand for your dog and delivers to your door. The inspiration came from one of the founder’s family dog who was picked up from Battersea Dogs Home seven years ago. The family were back and forth to the vets trying to figure out what was causing the constant gastrointestinal problems. They found that the cause was over-processed pet food, so they started to cook food for the dog themselves.

The Butternut Box platform uses algorithms to “meet the individual needs of each pet” by asking owners to fill in a 90-second questionnaire about their dog, including details on weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies etc. The team then works out how many calories a dog needs and tailors a selection of meals — pre-portioned into one pouch per day — according to the pet’s needs. The meals are a basic homemade recipe made up of 60% fresh meat — like chicken, lamb, and turkey — alongside a mixture of vegetables, lentils, and herbs.

And it’s not just investors who have shown interest – Butternut Box now has a host of celebrity clients as well. “We’re massive Billions fans, and Damian Lewis is one of our customers.”

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