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Billions: Lamb Skin Sharks on Wall Street – April 9, 2018

“The third season of the series delves into the greed and corruption of its protagonists”

by Turkey Telegraph | April 9, 2018

Source: Showtime

While the President of United States applauds the success of shows like Roseanne, another very different series, Billions, is called “trumpist,” as it is said by its protagonists. And not because they agree with American president, but it is what’s reflected in the series: corporate greed with sheepskin sharks and rampant corruption among politicians.  Damian Lewis states, “In United States I am greeted by cheers for Bobby Axelrod while in England they call me a scoundrel for the same character. I guess it depends on which crystal you look at.”

“We always had a whiff of Trump from the beginning, but this season is clearer, with new characters within Government that reflect the reality we live,” adds Paul Giamatti, who plays the Federal Prosecutor of financial crimes . “Anyone in the series could be a new member of Trump’s cabinet,” adds Lewis humorously.  Neither Lewis nor Giamatti predict a happy ending.

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