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What David Costabile Says About Working with Damian – March 15, 2019

David Costabile as Wags

by Jay Bobbin | On TV Today | March 15, 2019

If you’re crafty hedge-fund manager Bobby “Axe” Axelrod of “Billions,” you need somebody you can trust.

His right-hand man — played by David Costabile — is Mike “Wags” Wagner, who can get dirty protecting Axe’s dealings on the New York-set drama series that starts its fourth season Sunday, March 17, on Showtime and (in Canada) The Movie Network. In the first new episode, Axe (Damian Lewis) comes to the rescue of the rough-around-the-edges yet very well-spoken Wags, who vanishes while trying to keep Axe’s business afloat after a major betrayal by analyst turned rival Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon).

“I have so much fun doing it, it’s almost illegal,” the good-humored Costabile says of his “Billions” role, “and throughout this season, I get to be fully Wags. The writers like challenging themselves, and they certainly like challenging me to do more and more outrageous and insane things. They and I have an equally fun time trying to jump over the bar they’ve set, which is high.”

Costabile credits fellow stage veteran Lewis with bringing equal comfort to the Axe-and-Wags relationship: “There’s just a commonality about how we work that is really easy between the two of us. I think there is a great generosity about the two of us working together to make something slightly comedic. We don’t even talk about how we’re going to do it.”

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