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Dream Horse Gets Wales Premiere and UK Special Screening

Hollywood Tells ‘Fairytale’ Horse Story

by Nellie Bird | BBC News | May 22, 2021

Damian Lewis (far left) and Joanna Page star in the film playing Angela Davies and accountant Howard Davies (far right)

Dream Horse will get its premiere in Blackwood, Cefn Fforest – the Wales village where the movie takes place – on Sunday, May 23, 2021 at Maxime Cinema Blackwood and a special screening at Vue Leicester Square in London on May 27, 2021 before its general release in the UK on June 4. The film was released in the US on May 21 and will receive a Video on Demand (VOD) US release on June 11, 2021, according to Metacritic.

Damian Lewis plays Howard Davies, an accountant who runs the syndicate – a casting that delighted the real life Howard.

“Most of my so-called friends and syndicate members thought that Danny DeVito would have been a better casting but Damian chose to take that on – we think it’s incredible,” said the accountant.

The real locations around Cefn Fforest were not big enough to accommodate the film crew so the allotment scenes were filmed in Blaenavon and sequences at the local club were shot in Rhymney.

Both Jan and Howard said that when they visited the set the actors were “lovely” and “down to earth”, but they believe Dream is the star of the film.

“It’s the celebration of the horse that is the most important to us,” said Howard. What a lot of people forget is that Dream Alliance has been retired for nine years. He is whiling away his retirement down in Somerset on an equestrian farm. But he keeps on giving.”

The film has a strong “feel-good vibe”, which Howard believes will be well received given the last year. “Everyone wants to see something that will lift their spirits ” he said.

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