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Top 9 British-American Actors In Hollywood

Damian Lewis: Top 9 British-American Actors

by Akil Dathorne | The Richest | December 5, 2021

An American accent is almost universally known and easily recognized since the majority of the world’s influencers and celebrities are either from the United States or reside there. It’s impossible to miss a thorough Boston accent or the thick New Jersey dialect like what is heard in The Sopranos. Another accent that sticks out like a sore thumb is a proper English accent, such as that of Michael Caine who played Nigel Powers in Austin Powers Goldmember. But not all British actors/actresses can be easily spotted. Some have adopted the American dialect exceptionally well. We’ll take a look at the top ten British-American celebrities in Hollywood. Here’s the top 9:

8. Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis is another British actor that has made his way to American soil, a native of St. John’s Wood in London, United Kingdom. Although Lewis has starred in a number of films such as Dreamcatcher, Dream Horse, and Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, he is best known for his work in American TV thriller and drama series like Homeland, Billions, Life, and Band of Brothers. He has collaborated with the likes of Paul Giamatti, Kate Ashfield, Rupert Friend, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo Dicaprio. It’s safe to say that he’s doing well for himself, both in Hollywood and the UK.

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