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10 of the Best TV Shows to Watch this December

A Spy Among Friends

by Hugh Montgomery | BBC Culture | November 28, 2022

Hugh Montgomery picks out the month’s biggest TV offerings – from Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford in Western series 1923 to fantasy prequel The Witcher: Blood Origin with Michelle Yeoh.

#5 A Spy Among Friends

Guy Pearce and Damian Lewis star in this real-life spy drama, based on Ben Macintyre’s book, about the relationship between Nicholas Elliott (Lewis) and Kim Philby (Pearce): two MI6 agents in the post-war period whose friendship was complicated, to say the least, when Elliott discovered that Philby – “the man I trusted most,” as Elliott says in the trailer – was in fact a double agent working for the KGB. What’s more, Elliott was then the man tasked with extracting a taped confession from Philby. One to jangle the nerves.

A Spy Among Friends premieres on 8 December on ITVX in the UK, with a US release date yet to be announced.

First look photos here and official trailer below:

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