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10 TV Shows With the Most Wasted Potential


by Daniela Gama | Collider | April 10, 2023

Whether you binge-watch it or take it easy by watching an episode a day, cuddling up with a television series is one of the best ways to spend time and keep boredom at bay. Luckily for us viewers, tons of streaming services provide audiences with great watches. While some turn out to be really entertaining, offering viewers thought-provoking and entertaining narratives, others fall short of expectations.

Less often than we’d like, a TV show lives up to its true potential throughout its entire running time; a great series can indeed count on a very promising premise but end up disappointing viewers when it comes to its execution. From Dead Like Me to Heroes, Reddit analyzes which TV shows could’ve been better if only they went in another direction.

#5 ‘Life’ (2007 – 2009)

Starring Damian Lewis as the main lead, a former police officer who was wrongly imprisoned for 12 years and comes back to the force to resume work, the quirky crime drama by Rand Ravich is generally beloved by audiences and often criticized by critics.

On the platform, it is clear that users are disappointed with the series’ wasted potential. But what was Life’s main issue, according to Redditors? “It had a great concept, great acting and two good seasons, but didn’t survive the writer’s strike,” bigb9919 explained. The character-driven show was canceled. Watch on Roku Channel, Peacock, Vudu or Amazon Prime Video.

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