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To Damian Lewis Fans All Over the World:

Whether You Observe Easter, or Passover, or Another Seasonal Celebration

Have a Happy Holiday!

  • The Region 1 (US and Canada) DVD for Life: Season Two starring Damian Lewis as Detective Charlie Crews is now available for pre-order! ➡

    Click here to pre-order your copy from and to lock in Amazon’s “price guarantee” to ensure that you receive the lowest price offered at any time prior to release.

    And a high-volume of DVD pre-orders is another opportunity to demonstrate to NBC Universal that the show has many loyal fans!

    No DVD details or release date are given; click here for more information and thanks to Raga Dal for the news!

  • The Latin American AXN Network is asking viewers to vote for a favorite police drama that should not be cancelled. Click here and then click on “Cancelar su voto” to vote for Charlie Crews and Life. Thanks to Mithveaen for the link!

    And keep voting for Life in E! Online’s US and UK “Save a Show” polls.

  • The Escapist with Damian Lewis is currently running in Los Angeles on at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Theater. The film is also currently available to Video On Demand viewers under “IFC In Theaters;” click here for the Comcast On Demand listing.

    Abbie Bernstein reviewed the film for IF Magazine and said:

    THE ESCAPIST has a thoughtful, almost lyrical feel. This is due in large part to (Brian) Cox, a performer of such authenticity and authority that there’s a visceral kick to just watching him as Frank thinks and regrets. Director Rupert Wyatt and his co-writer Daniel Hardy take an unusual tack for makers of a prison movie – they’re more interested in the internal lives of the characters than in the action… This is essentially a character study wrapped in a prison thriller format…Cunningham, Fiennes and Jorge all make an impression, while Macintosh is the epitome of unreasoning malice. Lewis is convincing as a man who can indeed control others through intimidation, and Cooper is suitably naïve and scared without making us feel that Lacey isn’t up to responding as he does. THE ESCAPIST is intriguing in both its construction and its effect. It’s definitely worth a visit.

  • Gallery updates:

    » Thanks to dj for the screencaps from Life episode 2.19 titled “5 Quarts”

    » Starshine from Enrique Murciano Fan has kindly uploaded screencaps of Damian in NBC’s “Watch Full Episodes of Life Online” promo.

    » Click here and here to view German posters for Life on Vox.

  • Additional questions have been added to the Life’s Questions Game at
  • New on YouTube:

    » vipvictorforever has created a new music video with scenes from Chromophobia and Life Season 1 titled “Damian Lewis Shattered Glass”

    » sandrinedesousa has created a photo pictorial simply titled “Damian Lewis”