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  • Variety reports that Life starring Damian Lewis is a huge hit in Spain: ➡

    “Life” has made the best bow in Spain of any Hollywood skein this season. Aired Monday primetime on broadcast network Telecinco from Feb. 16, “Life’s” first three segs won their timeslot, with 21.6% and 4.15 million viewers, 20.2% and 3.9 million, and 22.9% and 4.5 million. Telecinco’s February channel share was 14.9%. Only two veteran U.S. skeins beat “Life” — “CSI: New York” (20.7% to 24.5% over February) and “CSI Las Vegas,” (23.5% on Monday)…

    Thanks to “CSI,” Telecinco has established a lock on Spanish Monday primetime. “Life” is led in by “CSI New York” or “Las Vegas,” maintaining Telecinco’s Monday night as appointment TV for slick, self-contained procedurals. Telecinco took a chance on “Life,” which replaced season six of “CSI Miami.” “Because of the writers’ strike, we were delivered less ‘CSI’ episodes. So we substituted one of the seasons,” said Telecinco head of acquisitions, Ghislain Barrois…

    “Life” is superbly cost-effective. U.S. skeins sell to Spain for a tenth or less of the per-seg e300,000 to e700,000 ($380,000 to $900,000) production tab for domestic series.

    Click here for more information about the Spanish broadcast of Life on Telecinco. Thanks to Sal for the link!

  • This Hollywood Reporter article reveals that Life is among the top US shows to demonstrate significant gains in viewer ratings based on “Live+7 data” that includes DVR and online viewing statistics.

    An NBC press release had this to say about Life’s ratings:

    “… Wednesday from 9-10 p.m. ET, “Life” (1.6/4 in 18-49, 4.9 million viewers overall) was up 23 percent in 18-49 rating versus its last episode to air opposite a second hour of “American Idol,” as well as original episodes of “Criminal Minds” and “Lost” (a 1.6 this week vs. a 1.3 on February 11). And despite this competition, “Life” increased in 18-49 rating for the second straight week. …”

    Click here to read more about Life’s popularity in Spain and the enhanced viewer ratings.

  • Click here to view or download a fantastic Life music video titled “This Is Your Life” by Humansrsuperior.
  • Click here and here to watch the Disney Phineas and Ferb episode titled “Elementary My Dear Stacy” which features the voice talents of Damian Lewis as Agent 00 0!

    These clips were posted on YouTube BarlowGirl101.

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  • Show your support for Life starring Damian Lewis!

    Life has received great critical acclaim and it was honored by the American Film Institute as one of the “Top 10 Television Shows of 2008” but it has been given little or no promotion by NBC and it’s been moved all over the schedule this season. Now it is up against some of the most popular and heavily promoted shows on network television. The ratings are not great and NBC has not yet renewed the show for a third season. 🙁

    Life is in serious danger of cancellation! Send a letter to Angela Bromstad, NBC’s President of Primetime Entertainment, and tell her that NBC needs to renew this show and support it because it the best show they have (and the best show on TV!)

    Angela Bromstad, President, Primetime Entertainment
    NBC and Universal Media Studios
    Universal Media Studios, 100 Universal City Plaza
    Building 1320E 4th Floor, Universal City, CA 91608

    E-mail at

  • NBC Universal have released a few new photos for episode 2.18 titled “3 Women” which will air in the US On March 18th. The photos include Gabrielle Union as Detective Jane Seever; Charlie’s temporary new partner who will be filling in during Sarah Shahi’s pregnancy.

    “5 Quarts” is the title of episode 2.19 that will broadcast in the US on NBC on March 25th.

  • Fans of the Reaper’s Valarie Rae Miller are looking forward to her guest appearance on Life episode 2.17 titled “Shelf Life” on March 11th; click here for more information.

  • Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory attended a barbecue with friends at the LA home of Clare Staples last weekend; click here to read about it and for a photo of Damian with Tom Hollander and Douglas Henshall (thanks to Dotty for the link!)

  • YouTube update:

    » “Life – The Perfect Girl” a cute clip from “Hit Me Baby” posted by Necros1984.

    » “Imitation of Life (Charlie Crews AMV)” a music video by IsaKeyser.

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  • Click above to view the trailer for Life episode 2.16 titled “Hit Me Baby” which will broadcast in the US on February 25th on NBC.

  • Season one of Life will premiere in France on TF1 on March 4th; click here to view the French trailer for the program (and thanks to Antoinette for the link!)

  • Click here for comments about Damian’s film The Escapist at the BT Vision site.

  • Dean Piper reported that Helen McCrory and her close friend Sienna Miller attended the Grey Goose launch party last night for Cecconi’s new Los Angeles restaurant. Click here to read more about the party at E! Online.

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  • Acclaimed British actress Helen McCrory (a.k.a. Mrs. Damian Lewis!) made a surprise guest appearance last night on episode 2.15 of Life titled “I Heart Mom” and she was fabulous and she looked great! Her character, security expert Amanda Puryer, is scheduled to appear again in “Shelf Life” on March 11th. ➡

  • The New York Daily News picked “I Heart Mom” as “The Best of Wedneday Night’s TV” and called the show a “fabulous drama.”

  • It was also great to see veteran actress Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Edna Garrett on “Facts of Life”) making a guest appearance on last night’s episode of Life; she was hilarious! 😆

  • Spoilers! NBC Universal has released this synopsis of Life episode 2.18 “3 Women” which will air in the US on NBC on March 18, 2009:

    3 WOMEN
    03-18-2009 9:00PM

    SPECIAL GUEST STAR GABRIELLE UNION JOINS THE CAST OF “LIFE” AS DETECTIVE JANE SEEVER — With Reese (Sarah Shahi) still on loan to the FBI, Crews (Damian Lewis) is assigned a new partner, Detective Jane Seever (Gabrielle Union). Seever, the exact opposite of Reese, is an over achiever with a 15-year plan to one day become mayor. Crews and Seever get right to work on the murder of a court reporter who was clubbed to death with a three iron. The reporter turns up dead after becoming pen pals with a convict who was imprisoned for a jewelry heist. Sarah Shahi, Donal Logue and Adam Arkin also star.

  • Life episode 2.03 “The Business of Miracles” has been nominated by the Visual Effects Society for an award for this dramatic scene. The VES awards ceremony will take place this Saturday, February 21st.

  • Check out the Life page at

    » Click here for information and links for the wonderful music featured on Life.

    » Click here for “Life’s Questions” a new trivia game!

  • Life – Season One was released on region 2 DVD with Dutch subtitles in Belgium and The Netherlands today.

  • Click here for great wedding pictures of Sarah Shahi (Dani Reese on Life) and her new husband, actor Steve Howey.

  • Congratulations to actress Jennifer Siebel (who plays the ex-wife of Charlie Crews on Life) and her husband, Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco. The couple recently announced that they are expecting their first child in September.

  • Rob Hunter’s review of The Escapist for Film School Rejects includes these comments about the film:

    “…First-time director Rupert Wyatt also co-wrote the film with Daniel Hardy, and he shows an interesting eye for both the bleak and dreamlike visuals as well as the alternating narrative threads…Wyatt knows exactly when to switch to the action of the escape itself. Aside from the timing, Wyatt’s edits are also stylistically impressive as locations and events in one thread trigger the move into the other fairly seamlessly…

    (Brian Cox) owns the film and his performance alone makes it worth viewing. The remainder of the cast all serve to support him and most do so quite well. One of the standouts is a bulked-up, angry, and barely recognizable (Joseph) Fiennes, and another is Damian Lewis (“Life”) as the menancing Rizza, the most powerful and dangerous convict inside. Both men play hard-asses but do so with completely different styles…The Escapist was released last week on R2 DVD. It’s scheduled for a limited US release from IFC on April 3rd.”

  • Thanks to Ryanne for sharing the Dutch broadcast schedule for The Baker on Film 1, 2, 1+ or 1 Action (digital television).

  • New on YouTube:

    » “It’s My Life”, a terrific new music video from Shervin.

    » “Milo, The Professional”, a clip from The Baker posted by hani273nhk.

    » “Vox, Life trailer2”, season one of Life will premiere on Vox in Germany on March 11th.

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  • Click here at the gallery for screencaps from this past week’s episode “Mirror Ball”. Many thanks to dj at Capslock!

  • Check out the above trailer to next week’s episode 2×15 ” I Heart Mom”. (Source: SpoilerTV)

  • Click here at the gallery for two new stills from Life episode 2×16 “Hit Me Baby”. Thanks to Dryope!

  • Spoilers! NBC’s released the storyline for Life episode 2×17 titled “Shelf Life” which will air March 11. Damian’s lovely wife Helen McCrory will guest star! ➡ :

    SOLDIERS DEATH UNRAVELS CORPORATE SCANDAL — Crews (Damian Lewis) and Stark (Brent Sexton) investigate the death of a soldier who was stabbed in the chest while on leave in Los Angeles. Their quest for the killer leads them into a world of extreme corporate and political power. Meanwhile, Crews makes a shocking discovery with the help of the late Mickey Rayborn�s security specialist Amanda Puryer (Helen McCrory). Sarah Shahi, Donal Logue and Adam Arkin also star.

  • A few Escapist items:
    • » Click here at the FilmStalker website for a chance to win The Escapist Region 2 DVD (the contest is only open to people with a UK address).
    • » The Escapist will be screened on February 24 at Fantasporto 2009 in Porto, Portugal (thanks to Ann for the headsup).
    • » The release date info on The Escapist‘s IMDb page now shows an April 3 US release and an April 16 release for the Netherlands!
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The Baker Official Trailer – Feb 15, 2008

For the Love of Chocolate

by Gingersnap | | February 15, 2008

The Baker aka Assassin in Love: A hitman has second thoughts about his career and seeks refuge from his boss by finding work as a baker in a rural Welsh village. This killer comedy is released on limited theatrical on February 29, 2008, on DVD March 3, 2008, or stream on Amazon Prime here.