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Damian Lewis and Children in New York City

Le Pavillon

by Gingersnap | | July 24, 2021

L to R: Daniel Boulud and Damian Lewis. Photo credit: Daniel Boulud, Instagram

It seems Damian and his children are enjoying some much needed summertime fun while in the city that never sleeps. Damian, Manon, and Gulliver dined at Chef Daniel Boulud’s newest restaurant Le Pavillon, a culinary oasis in the heart of Midtown serving the richness of Northeast fishermen seafood and farmer’s vegetable-forward cuisine. Follow the family’s adventures as they make their way around the city – view more photos in our Gallery here.

For more information about Le Pavillon, visit their website here.

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Your Spoiler-Filled Preview of the New Season of Billions – March 23, 2018

Axelroad and Rhoades Take a Break, Sort Of

by James Tarmy | Bloomberg | March 23, 2018

Source: Showtime

For filmmakers who want to dramatize the finance industry, one of Wall Street’s main appeals is that most people don’t understand how it works. In The Big Short, actress Margot Robbie explains subprime mortgages while sipping champagne in a bubble bath. Other movies—Margin Call and Wall Street come to mind—use fast-talking men in power suits screaming into cell phones to accomplish their exposition.

 Typically, very little of the actual mechanics of working in finance ever come into play.  (To be fair, it would be hard to dramatize an earnings call, and to be clear, nobody should try.)
 When Showtime’s Billions first aired two years ago, one of its initial draws was that it talked the talk. The story was woven around a surprisingly sophisticated debate about the parameters of insider trading, and the show gave a fairly accurate depiction of a hedge fund’s workplace culture, with analysts and traders and managers and compliance officers. There were even Bloomberg Terminals.

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