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The Biggest Shows Affected by the 2023 Writers Strike

From Billions to Severance: Some of Your Favorite Shows are Already Seeing Significant Delays Due to the WGA Strike

by Grant Rindner | GQ Magazine | May 12, 2023

The ongoing writers strike may seem, at first glance, like a much bigger deal to the writers affected than to the average TV watcher. The longer it goes on, however, the greater the chances that one of your favorite shows could be among those disrupted. That’s how a strike works, after all, meant to show that “business as usual” is impossible without the contributions of the striking workers. Some of television’s biggest shows have already been affected. Since the Writers Guild of America’s strike was officially authorized on May 2, with Severance, Stranger Things, and the latest Game of Thrones spinoff among the shows being halted or otherwise directly impacted.

Issues motivating the strike are complex, but hinge in part on the industry’s move into streaming, and writers’ ensuing demands for contracts that reflect the new television paradigm. As GQ has covered, streaming doesn’t provide the same continuing residuals that have represented a writer’s “gold ring” for decades. The last writers strike took place in 2007, a time before streaming became the dominant method of distribution, and the WGA is also working to get protections related to the nascent use of AI in television writing.

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Pop-Culture References, All-Out Business Battles Mark 4th Season of Billions – March 13, 2019

Classic Billions Drama of High-Stakes Wheeling and Dealing

by Stephen Spignesi | New Haven Register | March 13, 2019

Showtime’s hit series “Billions” returns March 17 for its fourth season at its new time of 9 p.m. and opens with a sticky (yet irresistible) dramatic conundrum: At the end of last season, a few too many loyal Axe Capital employees had morphed into enemies and competitors — and hundreds of millions and, yes, billions of dollars are now at stake.

If the first four episodes are harbingers of the rest of the season, Season 4 — in addition to delivering the classic “Billions” drama of high-stakes wheeling and dealing — is going to be more fun than ever. In this season, for example, we get to see Chuck Rhoades (New Haven’s own Paul Giamatti) chair dance and (sort of) moonwalk, and we watch gender non-binary Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon) strut in a short black dress, long black wig and heels (Wags (David Costabile) opines: “Kate Jackson hot”).

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What the Emmy Nominations Got Right and Wrong – July 13, 2018

Consistently Great Show That Somehow Remains Off the Emmy Radar

by Mark Dawidziak | | July 13, 2018

Said it before but this bears repeating, particularly on top of Thursday’s nominations for the 70th annual Emmys: There isn’t an awards system yet conceived on this planet that is not in some ways deeply flawed. I’ve done my time marching in this particular procession. That edict on awards also includes the Television Critics Association Awards, which I’ve been voting for each year since their inception in 1985. Do those awards have their admirable strengths and annoying weaknesses? Indeed, they do.

The same goes for the Emmys, which, year after year, get some things wonderfully right and some things terribly wrong. And nowhere do things go more right and wrong than with the nominations. No question, these nominations embrace some of the highest-quality programming TV had to offer during the 2017-18 season. But did Thursday’s announcement by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences also yield the usual outrageous number of snubs, oversights and omissions? Oh, yeah.

Here we go.

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