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  • This article gives new details about Damian Lewis’s upcoming film The Situation (spoiler warnings!)
  • In this Guardian interview Damian Lewis discusses his role as William Keane saying “It’s a knockout role for an actor in terms of achieving a credibility in a character who spends 90 minutes in an extreme emotional state…It’s a huge responsibility. It’s not something you can dare to get wrong.” (He certainly didn’t get it wrong!) Keane opens in the UK on September 22nd.
  • Stormbreaker News:

    » The Region 2 Stormbreaker DVD featuring Damian Lewis will be released in the UK on November 13th. Note: this DVD will only play in region-free or region 2 players (UK, EU, SoAfrica, Mideast, Egypt, and Japan).

    » Click here for information about the Stormbreaker soundtrack.

    » Alex Rider/Stormbreaker toys will soon be available in UK KFC restaurants.

  • The updated schedule includes new listings for Damian Lewis events and broadcasts including UK telecasts of the documentary Bolivia for Sale and the award-winning HBO series Band of Brothers.
  • A big welcome to our great new affiliate a fansite dedicated to the beautiful and talented Mr. Christian Bale!
  • Damian Lewis’s admirers live all over the world! This world map snapshot shows the 100 most recent visitors to as of 9AM US Central Time this morning. Make your mark on the Damian Lewis map! Vote in our geography poll and tell us where you live!
  • This article describes Helen McCrory as a “pithy, royal-scorning Cherie Blair” in her new film The Queen.