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  • Selene posted the dates that Damian Lewis’s new film The Situation will screen at Hamptons International Film Festival. The movie will open the festival on October 18th and will be shown a total of four times during the event; tickets go on sale this Saturday.
  • Thanks to Livi and Jane from the Easy Company Yahoo! Group for posting this page dedicated to Major Winters and Damian Lewis. The site has posted this composite
    photo of the two men that was created by Ryoko and sent to them by the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group for their birthdays in January and February 2005. (Click on the picture to enlarge and read the inscription.) Click here to read the lovely thank you notes received from both of these gracious gentlemen!
  • Alice discovered this ad for the Celtic Manor resort in Wales featuring a photo of Damian Lewis and the Team Europe champions at the All Star Celebrity Golf Cup in August.