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  • Damian Lewis may not appear onstage in London this season in Doubt after all; click here for a message from his associate Melissa for more information.
  • According to information posted on this Tamsin Greig site, Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory attended a performance of the new RSC production of Much Ado About Nothing (starring Tamsin as Beatrice) just a week before the recent birth of their daughter Manon. As always Damian was gracious and charming to the fans he encountered. Damian portrayed Don John in an earlier RSC production of MAAN and he starred as Benedick in the recent Shakespeare Retold version of MAAN on the BBC. He and Tamsin are both featured in the 2003 BBC production of Essential Poems.
  • The cover art for the Stormbreaker soundtrack CD is now shown on The movie features Damian Lewis and will open in Canada on October 6th and in the US on October 13th.
  • Martha sent her thanks to all the members of the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group for their support during her recent convalescence from a serious injury. [Martha]
  • Click here to enjoy the I’m Too Sexy collage of Damian Lewis video clips created by svirginiak. You will find the source clips for this video on the Multimedia page.