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  • Update on The Situation starring Damian Lewis!
    » Click here and here to view still images of Damian Lewis in the film (pictures kindly provided by Shadow Distribution.)
    » The movie’s official site at is expected to go live next Monday; in the meantime click here or here to watch the film’s trailer.
    » The Situation will open in New York City on February 2nd at the Lincoln Plaza and Angelika Cinemas. Theatrical releases in other US cities have been scheduled for February and March including Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and others; click here for more information.
  • is a fun site that is described as “an ambitious, yet necessary, attempt to classify every man of stature in the history of the universe.” Click here and here to vote Damian Lewis and Major Richard Winters to the top of this unusual taxonomic hierarchy.
  • Click here to enjoy a “Damian Lewis holiday message” created by Ann.