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  • Damian Lewis DVD Update:

    » Chromophobia: US members report that the process for ordering the Region 2 Chromophobia DVD from is quick and easy – even if you cannot read French. The DVD is scheduled for release on January 4th with an estimated arrival date in the US of January 16th – 18th. The DVD offers both the original English version with French subtitles and a dubbed French version. This DVD will only play in Region-free or Region 2 DVD players (UK, EU, MidEast, Egypt, SoAfrica, and Japan).

    » Much Ado About Nothing: You can purchase each episode of the Shakespeare Retold series separately on January 3rd when the Region 4 Australian DVD is released. The program also available in Region 2 as part of the complete set.

    » Colditz: Although the Region 1 (US, Canada) Colditz DVD was scheduled for release on December 12th some online vendors had reported a short delay. Several members have now received notice that their DVDs have already shipped (or will ship within a few days) and may arrive after Christmas. A Region 4 DVD that offers both Spanish subtitles and a Spanish-dubbed version is now also available from Mexico. The Colditz DVD has been out in Region 2 (UK and Dutch editions) for some time.

    » Stormbreaker: The Region 1 Stormbreaker DVD is scheduled for release on December 19th but some vendors are currently showing it as “unavailable”. However, one member has received notice from PlayUSA that her DVD has already shipped. Also WalMart is now offering the DVD for pre-order at a very reasonable price.
    The Region 2 DVD is currently available in the UK.

    » Keane: The Region 2 UK release of Keane is scheduled for January 22nd – don’t miss this one, it offers Damian Lewis’s finest performance on film (so far!)

    Keane is currently available in Region 1 (US, Canada) and
    Region 2 (France) and will be released in Region 4 (Australia) on March 14th.

    » Information: Click here for links and information about other available Damian Lewis performances and products. Click here to learn more about DVD/VHS regions and players and what’s available in your area.