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  • Chicago’s Music Box Theatre now lists The Situation starring Damian Lewis in their Winter Calendar (PDF file, see page 4.) The film will open there on March 2nd for a two-week run. Midwestern Damian Lewis fans hope to get together to see the movie at that time.
  • Jen shared the list of upcoming Damian Lewis performances on Australian television. A New Zealand television critic selected Friends and Crocodiles (starring Damian Lewis and Jodhi May) as number 2 of the “Top 10” best programs on NZ TV this week.
  • Please vote for Damian Lewis as “Best Leading Man in a Period Drama” for his performance as Soames Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga; winners will be featured in a PBS Masterpiece Theatre special that will air on March 4th.
  • According to this Cineuropa article director Raoul Ruiz will shoot a new movie titled Le Sens de la Nuit in Paris starting in January before filming Love and Virture which may star Damian Lewis as Charlemagne’s famous knight Orlando/Roland (unconfirmed).
  • Lindy reminded us that Philosophy’s Gingerbread Man hot salt scrub is a wonderful Christmas gift because “…the gingerbread man will nourish your body and soul. He is a gift every girl deserves, at any age whether she is single or married”! [And while you’re having a giggle over that one; don’t forget to vote for the Ginger(bread) Man himself over at the delightfully silly site. And don’t forget to vote for Major Winters too!]