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  • The Situation starring Damian Lewis will screen at the Palm Springs International Film Festival which runs from January 4th through the 15th.
  • Members who ordered the Region 1 Stormbreaker DVD from US vendors continue to experience delays while others have already received their R1 DVD from PlayUSA (a Canadian company). Some US members have seen TV ads for the DVD on the Cartoon Network and other stations geared toward young audience members. Click here (wide screen) or here (full screen) to order the DVD from PlayUSA.
  • In a Guardian interview and photoshoot last April Damian Lewis seemed a bit leery about some of the fashions he was asked to model – including a scarf – remarking that his father used to wear one in the 60’s and that his “mother’s father didn’t think that he was right sort of man at all!” Click here for information about Damian’s maternal grandfather – a very impressive man!