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  • Damian Lewis will be interviewed on the Best of Masterpiece Theatre special on March 4th at 9 PM (ET) on US PBS stations. Derek Jacobi will host a countdown of the top 12 viewer favorite Masterpiece Theatre productions. Click here and here for more information. (Thanks to
    sonny2fine for posting the news!)
  • The Situation starring Damian Lewis will screen at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on January 5th and 7th.
  • Jen shared the news that Much Ado About Nothing starring Damian Lewis will air on Australia’s ABC channel on January 14th at 8:30 PM. The Region 4 DVD will be released in Australia on January 3rd.
  • A big welcome to three great new affiliates:
    » Philip Seymour Hoffman Web
    » Catherine Keener Fan
  • Both The Queen featuring Helen McCrory and Keane starring Damian Lewis are included in this list of the year’s best films.