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  • Click here (and scroll down) or here to listen to Damian Lewis read part 1 of For Your Eyes Only, episode 7 of The James Bond Stories on BBC Radio 2 (MP3 format to follow).
  • This article includes information about the pilot episode for Life and says “…Best known for his role in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, the ruggedly handsome Lewis signed a deal to star in a NBC crime drama next season…”
  • New Keane articles:
    » According to Variety, Soda Pictures is doing a great job promoting Keane and Damian Lewis for BAFTA consideration.

    » This reviewer says “…Damian Lewis’ performance as a broken man in Lodge Kerrigan’s unnerving drama is utterly remarkable, making you fear him amidst the empathy you feel for him…”
    » This article states that “…Keane … would be a uniformly engrossing experience whenever it was released…With a fiercely convincing central performance (by the terrific British actor Lewis), a terrifying, first-person evocation of madness…”
  • This Daily Mail article praises Helen McCrory’s performance in The Queen saying “…Though Helen Mirren rightly stole the plaudits, Michael Sheen and Helen McCrory were also tremendous as Tony and Cherie Blair…”