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  • Damian Lewis will not appear on Wogan Now and Then as previously reported!

    » Damian sent word via his associate Melissa that he is no longer scheduled for the programme (and therefore will not be taping an episode next Wednesday as had been expected.)

    » In the same message Damian confirmed that he will appear in Confessions of a Diary Secretary airing on ITV on January 25th in February or March.

  • This Sydney Morning Herald review for the Australian broadcast of Much Ado About Nothing starring Sarah Parish and Damian Lewis (January 14th on ABC at 8:30 PM) says “…Parish, all bouncy hair and forked tongue, is a delight… Lewis is equally impressive as the smarmy ladies’ man who turns all gooey when fooled into thinking Beatrice loves him rather than loathes him. The pair have a sizzling chemistry and milk the comedy – and there’s plenty of it – for all it’s worth…”
  • In this review of Keane a viewer says “…The film is directed by Lodge Kerrigan and is masterfully done…Damian Lewis, who plays Keane, really makes the movie…he has a way of captivating the audience by playing the character as a tormented and disturbed man, yet sympathetic at times, as well…Keane is unlike any film I have ever seen and I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to see a powerful psychological thriller…”