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  • Damian Lewis is endorsing a new Christian Aid charitable campaign called Community Tap to bring clean drinking water to the people of Nicaragua; click here for more information or to make a donation.
  • IMDb has added a new page for Confessions of a Diary Secretary, the ITV drama featuring Damian Lewis as Tony Blair. According to the Observer the program will air in February.
  • Below are comments, posted on IMDb, from a viewer who saw The Situation starring Damian Lewis at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

    “Great story about the chaos and constant change of events in Iraq and the damage caused from miscommunication…even though the movie is a fictional film it is based on the realities of living and working in this war torn part of our world. The casting was excellent and the story unfolded perfectly. This movie required the viewer to pay attention and keep track of the players and each of their agendas. It was fast paced and kept the audience involved. It was not a “Hollywood” film full of gratuitous violence, but instead a deeper story about the people involved… It is a provocative film that evokes an emotional reaction from the viewers… One of the goals of the film is to provide a starting point for discussing the war and the events in Iraq. It is not a political statement, but instead a method to get people actively involved again.”

  • Some Australian students will have an opportunity to study the Shakespeare Retold series in the classroom, including the modern retelling of Much Ado About Nothing starring Damian Lewis. Teachers can order the video and download teaching notes (PDF file) to support classroom discussion.