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  • This week’s issue of Screen Daily features an article about Bankside Films’ acquisiton of rights to movies formerly owned by Beyond International including The Situation and The Baker (both starring Damian Lewis.) The article includes this picture of Damian studying a bakery book as Milo in The Baker and says:

    …The company launches at Berlin’s European Film Market with a full slate of projects from pre-production to completion. Bankside just acquired The Baker, a Wales-set comedy starring Damian Lewis that was written and directed by his brother Gareth…(Stephen) Kelliher says that light-hearted films such as these should appeal to buyers. “Something like The Baker has a real chance – it’s a comedy and it’s British but at the same time it’s very universal…One thing we noticed at AFM is that people want happy, feel-good films, not just comedies but life-affirming films.”
    Click here for more information.

  • All five episodes of Agent Zigzag read by Damian Lewis can now be downloaded in Real or MP3 format from the Multimedia Audio page (thanks to Kaz for the MP3s!) Currently, the episodes can also be heard online at the BBC Book of the Week site.
  • According to the current PBS Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery eNewsletter 30,000 US viewers participated in the nationwide survey used to identify the finest productions and performances for the The Best of Masterpiece Theatre 35th Anniversary Special (featuring Damian Lewis) that will be widely broadcast on March 4th. Read below for more information (spoiler warning!)

    Damian Lewis’s portrayal of Soames Forsyte placed second after Derek Jacobi’s I, Claudius in the Best Male Lead in a Period Drama category. The Forsyte Saga came in second after Upstairs Downstairs in the list of the Top Twelve Best Masterpiece Theatre Productions.

  • This Yorkshire Post Today article about ITV’s upcoming spoof Confessions of a Diary Secretary includes information about Damian Lewis’s cameo appearance as Tony Blair; read below for more information (spoiler warning!)

    “…Prescott is not the only politician sent up. One scene features Tony Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown, played by Tony Slattery and Damian Lewis. Prescott invites them round to his flat for a shepherd’s pie dinner, with Temple acting as waitress. But Blair (Damian Lewis) and Prescott end up having a bitter argument over whether or not ketchup can be called ‘red sauce’…”