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  • Click here to view a caricature of Damian Lewis by Nicola Jennings that appeared in the September 15, 2006 issue of The Guardian . The text of the People article is below:

    Another man we like is the actor Damian Lewis, pictured. He’s one of those people who has it. What do I mean, it? You know, it. He tells Style Journal (the Wall Street Journal’s quarterly magazine for men who wear Tag Heuer watches and use a shaving brush) that he finds acting increasingly difficult. “A natural part of ageing is discovering your limitations, and it’s painful. It’s taken me quite a long time to realise I have any. They’ve never become apparent …,” he says. He adds being an actor is “very self regarding”. He’s not wrong there.

  • Connie brought us up-to-date on the current status of the campaign to award the Medal of Honor to Major Richard Winters for his heroic actions at Brecourt Manor on D-Day. US citizens are asked to write to their congressmen and women in support of H.R.796 (the congressional bill proposing the MOH for the Major); click here for more information.

    Click here (and enlarge if necessary) to read the moving tribute to Major Winters written by Damian Lewis to preface Larry Alexander’s biography of Richard Winters, Biggest Brother.