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  • New message from Damian Lewis!

    Damian’s associate Melissa sent an update including a message from Damian regarding plans for a birthday tribute from his fans (Damian’s birthday is February 11th and fans are asked to perform a special act of kindness during the month in his honor.) Here’s what Damian had to say:

    “Wow! what a great idea to do “a special good deed” for my birthday. Thank you so much. I always appreciate everyone’s thoughts, cards and gifts but this really will mean that my birthday will make a difference, however small, to someone else. That’s really special. I Might be presenting an award at the Baftas this year on my birthday and it will be fantastic to know that you guys are out there doing something far more important as I’m up on the stage at the Royal Opera House. Best wishes, Damian”

    Remember, it’s up to each individual to decide what to do for Damian’s birthday but if you’d like to donate to Christian Aid, his favorite charity, they’ve made special arrangements for us to easily donate in any amount and they’ll send Damian a card on our behalf; click here for the details.

  • The Situation Update:

    » Click here for an excellent review of the film.

    » According to the New Yorker “…more enduring, if also more dismaying, are the scenes with Dan Murphy (Damian Lewis), an intelligence officer based in Baghdad, who understands the need to work with “moderate insurgents.”

    » llysiau had a chance to see the film in New York City, click here to read her comments (she says that it’s great!)

    » After you’ve seen The Situation please take a moment to vote and comment about the film on IMDb because if the movie-going public like the film it will increase the chances of a wider theatrical release and for a DVD release. (IMDb requires registration but it’s free and painless.)

  • Magazine alert!

    A copy of the September 15, 2006 issue of Style Journal is desperately needed! Damian Lewis is featured in the main story. Style Journal is published by the European branch of the Wall Street Journal in conjunction with a UK company called Show Media.

    LindaE from Germany kindly translated this article about the issue including Damian’s comment to Joanne Glasbey of Style Journal “I have to isolate myself more and more from everyday life to find my way into a role. Nowadays I find that much more difficult then I used to in the past.”

    European members are asked to try and locate a copy of the issue and scan it for the benefit of Damian-deprived fans everywhere, thank you!