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  • More on The Situation:

    » According to Box Office Mojo the film made $7,187 during its opening weekend in New York City (even though it is only playing in two cinemas); click here for more playdates and locations.

    » Click here or here to read viewers’ comments about the movie.

    » This site provides information about The Situation in Spanish.

  • Take a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane!

    » Nadell’s recent visit sparked reminiscences of the 2004 New York Film Festival screening for Keane attended by Nadell’s friend, Debbie, and Nadell herself and some tall red-headed guy they picked up! Good grief! LindaL was there too – that big ginger fellow surely is a player, he really gets around!

    » Wet Damian! llysiau’s vivid description of Damian Lewis’s dripping wet pool scene in The Situation brought back fond memories of young Mr. Lewis’s tiny, black speedo in a Touch of Frost – Deep Waters (and let us never forget the bathtub and swimming scenes in Band of Brothers!)