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  • Click here for a Cannes International Film Festival report (attributed to Screen International) stating that Echo Bridge has invested $36 million in Raoul Ruiz’s film Love and Virtue that will star Damian Lewis.
  • This review of The Situation starring Damian Lewis says:

    “…Director Philip Haas has crafted a seamless look at a world most of
    us will never know. Haas brings the audience as close to the action
    as possible. The camera is always another guest at a dinner table or
    conversation, and never runs away from gunfire or explosions that
    inundate many of the film’s scenes. The Situation is presented in a
    way that neither criticizes nor excuses what is happening and who is
    involved, but makes the audience decide for themselves how they feel.”

  • Click here for information about British films currently in progress including The Escapist starring Damian Lewis.