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  • Damian Lewis is featured in the new Vogue magazine! 😀

    The September 2007 US edition of Vogue is their largest issue ever (840 pages) and includes a photo and article (pages 616 and 619) about Damian Lewis in the new NBC drama Life. Click here to view the scans at the Photo Gallery Warehouse.

    According to author Joan Juliet Buck, Charlie Crews is “…played by the witty British actor Damian Lewis, whose red hair signifies unruly passions and whose tight mouth let’s us know that there is more to him than meets the eye…Lewis had just the right Brit-as-American grumpiness to give the character even more fun flaws than Hugh Laurie brings to Gregory House in ‘House’, and the series has a good chance of worming its way into our lives.”

  • On the subject of speaking with an American accent, this article says of Damian Lewis “after establishing the accent he wants for a role, he “finds it’s very easy.
    I just stay in it. I feel confident. I stay in my American accent when I’m surrounded by American people.”