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  • In this IndieLondon interview actor Steven Mackintosh talks about his role in The Escapist playing “Tony” the younger brother of “Rizza” (Damian Lewis) saying:

    The Escapist is “…really a great, great script by first time writer-director Rupert Wyatt who, I think, is going to do really well. It’s a really classy script. It was a bit like a puzzle to read, and quite cryptic, but it comes together at the end. It’s basically a smart angle on a prison escape movie.

    I play a guy called Tony who’s a serious junkie within the prison. I’m also the brother of Damien Lewis’s character and together they’re running the prison – everything has to be operated through them. He’s a fairly nasty guy…”

    It sounds like Damian will be playing a villain once again, oh dear! (But he does it so well that you can’t help loving him at the same time that you’re hating him!) 😆