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  • This Hollywood Reporter article details several of the “alternative media” options that will be available for viewing the pilot episodes of NBC’s new fall dramas including Life starring Damian Lewis, prior to the US network premiere on September 26th! ➡

    “…The free sampling strategy clearly is on the rise this year following major successes during the past few years.

    NBC, which is utilizing the tactic most aggressively, is offering downloads of the premiere episodes of the new dramas “Chuck,” “Life” and “Journeyman” on starting Sept. 10.

    Also around that date, the 4 million members of Facebook’s Apple students group will be able to exclusively download the three premiere episodes on iTunes. A week later, the iTunes downloads will be widely available.

    NBC also is making the premiere episodes of “Chuck,” “Life” and “Journeyman” as well as “Bionic Woman” available as free VOD offerings on about 30 cable and satellite systems, including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Dish Network starting Sept. 10. A week later, streaming video of the “Life” pilot will be exclusively available on AOL, “Journeyman” on MSN and “Chuck” on Yahoo.

    There also will be one more online sampling program starting Sept. 4 that involves a partnership with a major retailer, but NBC declined to provide specific details. Additionally, NBC will screen the full premiere episodes of “Journeyman” and “Chuck” on United Airlines flights…”

  • Cast your votes for Life at the and BuddyTV sites!
  • Thanks to Suzanne for her poem “A Month to Go” in anticipation of the September 26th premiere of Life:

    A month to go

    Oh Now Lo
    On yonder moonlight breaks
    Our Shakespearian trained actor with so many cakes to bake.
    It is the West, and Damian in the sun…

    Just one more month to go
    Before you steal the show

    One more month to go
    Before the critics gnash their teeth with woe and
    Eat their dinners of crow…

    Click here to enjoy the rest of her imaginative tale! 😆

  • Life has the spotlight in this article about the upcoming fall US television season.