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  • The reviews are starting to come in and the word is out that Life starring Damian Lewis is fantastic!

    » Today Blockbuster released a free NBC preview DVD containing the pilot episodes for 3 new dramas including Life; viewers who have already taken advantage of this opportunity are raving about the quality of the show, the excellent cast, and Damian’s brilliant performance as LA Police Detective Charlie Crews – back on the force after 12 years of wrongful imprisonment; click here and
    here to read some of their comments! (No spoilers!)

    » Show support for Damian and this terrific program; be sure to rate it on sites such as IMDb and the
    NBC community forum for Life.

    » Click here for information about opportunities to download all episodes of Life at Amazon Unbox. The pilot will be available on September 10th and subsequent episodes can be downloaded the day after they air on network television.

    » The Sacramento Bee has rated Life as one of the “best new television dramas.”

    » Thanks to Ann for the news that Damian Lewis had a guest spot on yesterday’s edition of
    Access Hollywood to promote Life.