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  • The current edition of the Los Angeles Times is featuring a very extensive interview (free registration required) with Damian Lewis about his portrayal of Charlie Crews in the new NBC police drama Life. Damian says this of Charlie:

    “…When he comes out of jail and is given his life back, he isn’t bound by the minutiae and banalities of everyday life. He rises above that. He sets his own behavior codes. He’s been changed by the physical and psychological abuse that he suffered in jail.”

    …”He is almost a naif. He’s an optimist; he has childlike qualities. He’s fun, light, all the things he hasn’t had. He chooses to live his life to the full. He’s not always successful. He chooses to see the good in every situation.”

    He may be one of those quirky detectives TV seems to like lately, but he’s not “quirky for quirky’s sake,” Lewis said. “He possibly lives in a state of mind we all wish to be in,” he said.

    The article also says that NBC has ordered 12 scripts and will presumably await audience reaction before ordering the remaining nine. Until then, Lewis said he’ll be “renting his place on the Pacific.”

  • The NBC Fall Preview, including the pilot for Life, has just been added to the offering of some Comcast On Demand cable television providers – so if you didn’t have access to the show before – check again!
  • This Washington Post article includes comments from Damian Lewis about the so-called “British invasion” of network television stars from the UK. It also offers more information about Hugh Laurie’s advice to Damian about doing a US network television show.
  • IMDb has added the titles for two episodes of Life; episodes 4 is called “In and Out” and the title of episode 5 is “The Fallen Woman”.