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  • Tonight was the US network premiere of Life on NBC and the program was terrific! ➡

    » Rand Ravich (creator and producer for Life) took part in a live, online blog chat after the premiere and the audience response to the program (and Damian’s performance) was overwhelmingly positive! Click here to read the questions, comments, and responses from Mr. Ravich.

    » Damian Lewis appeared on NBC’s Today Show this morning (live from New York City) and was interviewed by Matt Lauer about his portrayal of Charlie Crews on Life; click here to view the interview online.

    » Damian Lewis and Rand Ravich gave a very extensive interview to TiVo Central that includes information about the research Damian did for the role of Charlie Crews and a discussion of his motivations for becoming an actor! (We’re thrilled that he decided to become an actor!)

    » NBC has completely revamped the official web site for Life including the addition of games and interactive elements.

    » Click here and here to vote for Life against tonight’s other premieres.

    » Click here for a review of Life from the New York Daily News and click here for a review from the Boston Globe.

    » Today’s New York Times features another full-length, full-page ad for Damian Lewis in Life!

  • This blogger has declared Damian Lewis as the “Hunk of the Day” (make that EVERY day and she’ll have it right!) 😉