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  • Spoilers! NBC has posted a synopsis of The Fallen Woman, episode 5 of Life starring Damian Lewis, and airing in the US on October 24th. The title of episode 4 (US broadcast October 17th) has changed from In And Out to What They Saw.
  • A new Life video clip from Tear Assunder has been added the NBC official site; new information has also been added to the Conspiracy Wall page. Full episodes of Merit Badge and Tear Assunder can be viewed online at and the pilot episode is also available here.
  • Click here to view new hi-res stills from Powerless (episode 6). Thanks again to Dryope!
  • Click on the links below for articles, interviews and reviews for Life from Australia, Canada, and the US: l 1 l
    2 l
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    9 l
    10 l

  • According to this article Bankside Films will be promoting The Baker (produced by and starring Damian) at the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea this month.