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  • In response to a message of congratulations to Damian Lewis (on behalf of all the fans) upon the successful premiere and widespread interest in Life, Damian’s associate Melissa replied that she had sent the message directly to Damian and “he was very pleased to hear about the surge of interest and sent his thanks for the support and the information.”
  • Thanks to Chloegirldie for this link to the song at the end of the extended trailer for Life; but we still don’t know the name of the song or the artist – anybody have any ideas?
  • Click here (and scroll down) to download the recent First Coast News interview with Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi – and thanks to Kaz for the video!
  • The NBC official site for Life has added still photographs from episode 2, Tear Assunder.
  • Tomorrow US viewers will have another chance to view the first two episodes of Life (Merit Badge and Tear Assunder) on the USA network. The pilot episode Merit Badge will also air on Bravo this Sunday; check the schedule for more information.

    » Sat Oct 06 3:00pm Episode 1 (Pilot – “Merit Badge”) on USA
    » Sat Oct 06 4:00pm Episode 2 (”Tear Asunder”) on USA
    » Sun Oct 07 3:00pm Episode 1 (Pilot – “Merit Badge”) on Bravo