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  • heartsnbones01.jpg The Hearts and Bones R2 DVD will be released in the UK on November 5th! Click here for the link. From the review:

    Hearts And Bones follows the lives and loves of a group of friends searching for happiness and fulfilment in London.

    Mark is a teacher, Rich is a butcher and Michael works in the City. Their search for happiness and fulfilment is turned upside down by the reckless actions of Emma, Mark’s long-term girlfriend. Hearts And Bones tells gripping stories about the dilemmas of everyday life as lived by a close group of friends. It’s about lying on your CV to get your dream job and paying the consequences; coping with the death of a parent; feeling jealous of your brother; feeling lonely and finding love in unexpected places. But above all, it’s about the power of friendship.

    The cast includes stars Hugo Speer (The Full Monty), Damien Lewis (Warriors) and Dervla Kirwan (Ballykissangel). Others include Amanda Holden (Kiss Me Kate, Now You See Her), Andrew Scarborough (Touching Evil), Sarah Parish (Peak Practice) and Kieran O’Brien (Cracker).

    There’s a lot of Damian in this and it’s well worth purchasing – but remember that it’s a Region 2 DVD so it’s meant to play on Region 2
    DVD players. North Americans would need to buy a region-free DVD player or modify the one they have to make it region-free. Click here for the Shop FAQ for more information that. Thanks to svirginak for the headsup!

  • The October 22 issue of TV Guide has a Q&A feature with Damian Lewis that includes a full-page picture! Click here for the article scanned and shared by Ann.
  • Click here at Youtube to watch a video clip that Access Hollywood posted of the Life Launch Party. Thanks to Connie for the headsup.
  •’s Popwatch thinks that if a Steve McQueen biopic is ever made, Damian should play McQueen as he’s a “a dead ringer for the Bullitt man.” We and many others agree!
  • Click here for a new wallpaper from Lesley! 🙂