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  • Life rules!

    » Episode 9 of Life titled Serious Control Issues will air at 10pm ET in the US tomorrow night (Wednesday, Nov. 28th); episode 10 Dig a Hole will broadcast next Monday (Dec. 3rd) and we will see episode 11 Fill It Up on Wednesday, Dec 5th. That will be the last of the new Life episodes until the Writers Guild Association’s labor strike is resolved. 😥

    Let’s hope that the strike ends soon so everyone can get back to making great shows about everyone’s favorite detective – the MangoMan – Charlie Crews!

    » Click on the links below for photos of Damian Lewis doing his own stunts during the filming of Life on location in East Los Angeles.
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    » Connie reported that the December 3-9 issue of TV Guide Magazine includes a photo of Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi on page 62. On page 46 the Rochell Thomas column’s “My Kind of Math” insert offers this little gem – “Monk + $Multimillions and a Sex Drive = Charlie Crews from Life”!

    » Good news for Damian Lewis fans in Spain; Life will premiere on the AXN network on January 21st! Click here and here for more information.

    » Brian Stelter of the New York Times said that “dozens of fans immediately wrote in to come to the show’s defense” after Friday’s article predicted that NBC would cancel Life; good work, guys! 🙂

    » Don’t forget to vote for Life as the people’s choice for the “Best New Television Drama”.