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  • Click here for a discussion on the forum about the knife Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) carries in Life (a “Spyderco CO7 Stainless Steel Police Folding Knife” with a “combo edge” – a combination smooth and serrated edge.) Click here for some screenshots, provided by Senate, from Fill It Up showing Charlie wielding the knife. A video clip from Let Her Go (episode 3 of Life) available at shows Charlie using the knife during an arrest.
  • New clips from Dig a Hole; Fill It Up (episodes 10 and 11 of Life have been posted on YouTube (spoilers!):
    » It’s Just a Kiss Away
    » Finally Connected
    » Upside Down
  • (Spoliers!) This Boston Globe article discusses the character-driven television shows House, Dexter, and Life and says that Lewis “expertly walks the balance beam on this show. Charlie seems so composed at all times, so Zen, so preternaturally calm; and yet Lewis quietly makes it clear to us that he is deeply rattled. Charlie has been freed from jail, but he has not been liberated from years of righteous anger. Every glance from his watchful blue eyes, every seemingly involuntary tic, speaks of discomfort and paranoia. Lewis even makes Charlie’s consumption of fruit – he had no fruit in jail – into a private pep rally, a touchstone of fury.”
  • Click here and here for screen shots from Life episodes 10 and 11 posted by Ryan at the Life Media site.
  • (Spoilers!) Click here for a viewer’s review and comments about the fall finale of Life and click here to access the new Crews & Reese livejournal community.
  • This Observer interview with actor Rhys Ifans includes comments about Chromophobia which also stars Damian Lewis. The film will be theatrically released in the UK on December 14th.